Wired – Wireless – Monitoring

At SmartCCTV, we understand that security goes beyond just cameras and CCTV. That’s why we also offer a wide range of alarm systems to protect your property from burglars and intruders. We provide both wired and wireless alarm systems, which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Our state-of-the-art monitoring technology ensures that in the event of an alarm being triggered, you will be notified immediately, allowing for a swift response to the situation. Our alarm systems can also be integrated with our CCTV and Access Control Systems, providing you with a comprehensive security solution that gives you complete peace of mind. Trust the Experts at Smart CCTV to design and install a bespoke alarm system that meets your needs and budget.

Having an alarm system installed at home or in the workplace can provide numerous benefits, including:

  1. Deterrence: One of the primary benefits of having an alarm system is that it can serve as a deterrent to potential burglars and intruders. The Visible presence of an alarm system can discourage thieves from attempting to break into your home in the first place, as they know that their actions will trigger an audible alarm and alert the authorities.
  2. Protection: An alarm system can provide protection for your family and your property. If an intruder does attempt to break in, the alarm will sound, alerting you and the authorities. This can give you time to action and protect yourself and your loved ones.
  3. Early Warning: Alarm Systems can provide and early warning for a variety of potential dangers, including fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Many systems are equipped with sensors that can detect these hazards and alert you to their presence, allowing you to take action before they become more serious.
  4. Remote Monitoring: Many modern alarm systems can be remotely monitored and controlled using a smartphone app or other internet-enabled device. This can allow you to check in on your home when you’re away, recieve alerts if there is an issue, and even remotely arm or disarm your system.
  5. Peace of Mind: Perhaps the most of signifcant benefit of having an alarm system is the peace of mind that it can provide. Knowing that your home and your family ae protected can help you feel more secure and reduce you overall stress levels.

Here’s a Sample of the Products we Offer – Contact Us to get a Tailored Quote.

Wireless Outdoor Siren

Hub 2 Plus – Control Hub

Radio Signal Range Extender

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector with Microwave Sensor

SpaceControl – Wireless Key

Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector with Visual Alarm Verification

Swan Quad

Wireless Motion and Glass Break Detector with Pet Immunity

Wireless Panic Button/Remote Control

Intruder Alarms

Wired Alarms

External Siren
Stobe 10-15 VDC 250MA Max

5″ Keypad in White

Swan Quad
Element Pet Pir

12V Wired Smoke Detector with Test Button

Black and Chrome Remote (4-Button)


Wireless Alarms

Wireless Outdoor Street Siren

Wireless Touch Keypad

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector

SpaceControl – Wireless Key

DoorProtect – Magnetic Opening Detector

Motion Cam Kit